Naomi can be a little scary sometimes.

Naomi has excellent recovery, but it’s more in the form of “improved recuperation”. Something that a human cannot recover from, neither probably can she – she can just recover much faster than a normal human. The wound probably includes damage that needs to be “rebuilt” or “regenerated” – someone like Rovak who has a true regeneration could probably regenerate from a wound like that without much trouble, but Naomi does not have an I-Code, even if her eyes can be a little scary sometimes… 😛

Of course, in her case the “improved recuperation” is really just a side effect.

Seems like Miko has managed to make it back to her sanctuary… Will that be enough to end this hectic day though?

I am still on the fence about Thursday’s comic. I think it will go up, but it might look a little funny (I will see if I can finish it up on my Surface since I don’t have a real computer with me at the moment). I will update something in regard to Monday’s comic then either way. After Monday’s comic I will be back on schedule and everything will be happiness and rainbows (till mid January…)

We are very close to funding the bonus comic, I expect we’ll hit that next month. In the future I will probably put which bonus-comic mini-chapter is up next up for a vote, but I think I will go ahead with Minus Years for this one. I think those will be a good way to expand the world and backstory for people that like those things.