So here’s the plan. We will have one comic this week (today), and three next week (M-W-F like the good old days). After that, it’s back to business as normal, and there is no long term comic-debt hanging over my head. Till the end of January when I’m out of the country for half a month. But let’s ignore that for now.

I imagine roughly 60% of all the things Peter says Naomi hears as “blah blah blah”.

AEGIS is the IDS’ overarching software security protocol. Even if it is itself not technically an SMAI, it is pretty much explicitly designed to prevent an SMAI from hijacking or jacking into IDS hardware, and can stand up to Kor’s World cyberwarfare suites, or so the IDS claims, anyway. Regardless, it is almost impossible to brute force.

Interestingly enough though, Peter Kepler had a great deal of interest in AEGIS, and after discovering a few security flaws, is said to have made several improvements to it. The improvements were peer reviewed and vetted as safe, of course.

Most manned devices have a manual override protocol of some sort, but one does wonder how often that drill comes up and how well those protocols are remembered.

Unmanned devices frequently have a disposal protocol. When technological superiority is the predication for your advantage, allowing devices to fall into enemy hands is very unwise. Needless to say, most manned devices do not have ones that are nearly as thorough, or none