So I mentioned that the comic is going on hiatus while I travel for two weeks, right? Seems like a good spot to leave it…

…(I’m joking! No, no bite! Hey!)

So Tuesday comic is done scheduled to go up (Patreon people can back me up on this!), and I think I’ll make Thursday’s as well, but the art may be a little funny (since I’ll have to do the coloring on my surface). The Tuesday’s after may be late, but will go up eventually.

How many people noticed the red dot before the last panel? If you did, please award yourself one internet cookie. If you noticed the little blip on top of the building, you may have two internet cookies.

This is one of those pages I’ve known would come for awhile, and was not really looking forward to. This chapter is equal parts things I was looking forward and things I was not πŸ˜›

I will be probably not be able to correct spelling issues until I return in most cases. I apologize in advance for this… 😐