Ah, this fellow is not one of my favorite people. I quite dislike him, really, he’s up there with the Dropship Captain (who I don’t think we got the name for). I may dislike him more, but I’m a little biased on that one.

And yes, Naomi does unsurprisingly know the word for “punch” in Central.

It’s unlikely Naomi really knows how the drug works, but her magical boosting is much more… thorough… than average. Things like environmental variables (like having to know what the compound you are neutralizing) are fairly important to most mages, but Naomi tends to skip a lot of the details when it comes to her innate magic.

Last time Naomi saw this technique was a long time ago in page-count, but not all that long ago in comic time. Dear god I hate linking to pages that old, as it means I have to look at them.

My current schedule the next updates:

  • Thursday 17th – On Time
  • Monday 21st – On Time
  • Thursday 24th – Maybe missed/maybe not. Will put something probably? This is thanksgiving I think.
  • Monday 28th – Maybe late (like wednesday/Thursday then another on the weekend).

This also means we’ll probably run out the buffer, fair warning for the early-access Patreon folks. December will be on track and normal. Speaking of those, many thanks to the newest Patreon! We are very close to the first bonus comic series, will probably work on that through December.