About to leave on travel again… how does this keep sneaking up on me… crazy month. I am starting to sympathize with Miko on the whole leaving the house thing being very overrated.

So we see person that we haven’t seen in a bit… Lifting even half a third of a person like Rovak is doing is probably not possible for a normal person, but Rovak is… well, not quite normal. Pretty sure “all mushy” is the technical medical term.

I’ll probably post a short story sometime next week with just the wordy parts, assuming I think posting the finished product is a good idea. It’ll sort of be an experiment, but its not a new format or anything, I just won’t have my drawing tablet and will have sometime to kill. Monday/Thursday comics will be as normal, but Monday, the 26th, will be missed day. I expect that there will be a comic the 29th, but wouldn’t put a lot of money on that as it’s not done yet.

I know that no one is impressed at this point by my apologizing for my schedule being a mess, but I do apologize. Somehow at some point I think I thought that October and November had more time than they turned out to have. Well, more likely I thought they were a long way away, and I could just schedule whatever I wanted and not have to deal with it till later. At least the work parts of it are sort of an investment for the future, as traveling for this project was me betting this project would be less of a colossal pain than some of my other options (like my last client ended up being).