I sort of feel this page suffers a bit from being the second half of the last page. Sometimes with these pages that I’m basically converting from full pages the exposition of page is unevenly distributed, as I don’t plan that granularity. I used to have an informal rule that any exposition page should contain two pieces of information the reader didn’t previously have – the reason for this is that with the size of the cast, it’s easy to get caught up in characters telling characters what the characters don’t know, but the reader already knows, so I figure that most of those can cut unless the reader also doesn’t know the information the character doesn’t. I don’t follow that as strictly as I should anymore with the half pages, as sometimes all the information was on one half of the page. Not that I regret this page, per se, just I think this page is more properly the second half of the last page than it’s own page.

So the buffer condition is 1.5 comics right; I think I’ll be 2 comics ahead by the time I leave to travel once more, but that means we will miss one comic on 26th probably. I apologize for this, it really just boils down to really unfortunately travel schedule. After I am back from this next one, we should be good for awhile. It possible I’ll get far enough ahead to not miss any still, but unlikely, so I figure I’d give the notice early. I’ve been trying to make drawing the comic a priority with what time I have (after all, we have lovely individuals that read and support this comic counting on it 🙂 ), but it’s been pretty busy, as only being home every other week means that everything that needs doing (and many things that don’t) get crammed into those weeks.

Considering when I am traveling, I actually have a decent amount of downtime, I may put up a short story – maybe as a Patreon reward or something. The problem is I can’t travel with my drawing tablet (well, really, my computer it plugs into), so maybe I can do something like that – no promises yet, just a thought. Probably a side story, maybe something from Tyler’s past as we haven’t seen him for a bit.