Well, got it up. Probably a few corners cut, but if it didn’t go up now not sure when I’d get it up. Hopefully the stars will align for a onto Thursday update now.

It has started to rain. That’s one of those things that I wrote into the story a really long time ago (that it was raining during this arc) and never really considered that I would then have to draw it. My writer and artist still don’t get along… πŸ˜‰

I imagine the rain effects will evolve as time goes on; I’ve done better, but some it’s a little more time investment. I would not expect to see overly detailed wet/hair clothes dynamics. I’ve given it thought, but I haven’t reached those specializations in the art-talent-tree yet πŸ˜›

It seems that whomeverΒ is behind their troubles, they don’t seem interested in a stabbing contest.

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