Alright, so here’s what we are going to do.

There is a comic today! Rejoice, and what not! But there will not be a comic here Thursday… there will probably be a comic on Patreon Thursday, though, that will make its way here Monday… then the same thing next week. Monday, almost certainly, Thursday, probably not. It’s a new tactic, so rather than taking a week off, I will take two-half weeks off. I don’t plan on going to a Monday-only schedule long term, just for the next two weeks.

I apologize for the slack of content, but I think it’ll be better for everyone if I have the better process of updating through a buffer. More consistent publishing times, better art polish, better writing polish, and people from Patreon tend to help me a little with grammar and the like, so less raw sewage hits the fan on the front page. All around, I think its better. It also helps my work flow as I can afford to work on a few pages at once, which helps storyboarding and things.

At the same time, taking a week off has always had a pretty negative impact on readership and things. While we’ve never suffered a long term downspike and, at the end of the day, readership count is not my foremost goal, it is also hard for me ignore that consistently taking a week off has been a not-so-great tactic. So, we’ll try this and see how it goes. I know that it seems like it shouldn’t be rocket science, but making a comic page takes a fair chunk of time, even with the art the way it is.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, but no comic Thursday! Will have an update on Patreon, and more just like art updates. I really would like to update more art. One of the original goals of the comic was to learn to draw, and it’s something I want to move from the back burner a little more to front burner at some point, and work a little more on the art again, but that seems ambitious for someone that can’t even keep to the schedule right now πŸ˜€

If you didn’t see either on the vote or on Patreon, well, the bonus art for the vote incentive is probably not unrelated to the current page… πŸ˜‰