Eh… so this is maybe a page that shouldn’t exist. Lot of issues… end up trying to do part of it my old Surface tablet for reasons… yeah, was a mess. So if some of the art looks…. meeeeh, well, it’s just a one off thing. I would of just scrapped the page and redone if it I had more time, but this is already the second version of this page, as I originally did it without the flashback… in the end I liked showing the flashback, even if I said this wouldn’t be an intermission of flashbacks… 😉

I hope its obvious it’s a flash back… pretty sure, but yeah.

Someone asked me to put a poll up for making a wiki so other people could update stuff like character info. I put up a pull to gauge interest, but even if its overwhelming I can’t make a promise yet. I’m not going to use something like FANDOM I think because it’s just so ad-garbage last I saw it. If people are interested I’ll see if I can set up some sort of ad-free platform for it, don’t know the options yet for making it so people can edit without or with minimal accounts.

Anyway, sorry for all the delays. Lot of stuff happened. Without getting into #lifeblogging, graphic drivers shit themselves when I updated them, still catching up at work from being sick, at work an offshore resource is leaving my team and decided to cause problems on the way out by just not doing work they were paid for, other hobbies weren’t properly put on hold, I scrapped and redrew a page, had to meet an old friend that was in town for the first time in a few years… yeah, I’m just not very good at life sometimes. I look at this pile of things and think “yeah… I can juggle that, no problem.” Next thing you know, tasks are scattered about the floor… worse yet, comics are late 😉

I can’t get cheating help from Patreons to spell check this one cause I’m late, so… sorry in advance! 😀