Already pretty late, so I’ll keep it pretty short.

Will be by tomorrow to fix things if things need fixing… still busy, but I see lights at the end of the tunnel. Or, you know, the train. We’ll see. If I am being realistic, Thursday is a maybe; thinking about doing a half page, as Thursday’s page was originally sort of 2 pages, that I sort of combined (as I frequently do), we’ll see. I really do prefer to have the buffer, but, ah, haha. Buffer. It always just goes away. Like magic. Admittedly this page was drawn much faster than I should draw a page… but I think it’s not too bad. Miko is a character who has existed a long time, so is maybe easier to draw. Maybe mistakes though, haha.

I admit I maybe could have skipped this page, but I think I regret skipping a lot of Miko’s pages earlier, as Miko is somewhat important. I get the feeling if I only show pages where it is Miko interacting with someone else, we will only get to see the side of Miko that is good coming up with alliterative ways to insult their heritage, which is important, but not all there is… 😉 ; even so, by my own internal ‘rules’ Miko is not an interlude character, but those rules I follow so little they mean nothing 🙂

If you have not voted in poll, I recommend you vote in poll! So far there’s a few people in all the camps.