Soo… many… words…. waaah. Just let me know how I’ve abominably murdered the English language and grammar 😐

We have seen before that not everyone takes the thought of Peter going rogue particularly seriously. We’ve seen before that the other analysts don’t take it particularly seriously, that Peter’s sister didn’t really take it seriously, and that Kyle didn’t seem to take it all that seriously for that matter. For different people there are different reasons, with varying ranges of misguided.

As for the relationship between the Analysts and Query (and their knowledge of what it is) that will probably be expanded one somewhat in the future. In the past, we’ve seen a few of them somewhat downplay Query’s capabilities, though the reason for that may not be clear.

So… announcements?

First, topic of the next bonus comic series has been voted on over at Patreon, and it’ll be a continuation of Minus Years and the story of Kally and Peter’s prequel years. I’m not going to to lie that I’m a little surprised by that, but there’s plenty more to tell there, so…

Second, it came to my attention the cast page is sort of in a bad state. While it’s on my horizon to update, this will take some time to compile, if people want to help or expedite, here’s an idea – if you have a character you think should be added to the cast page, let me know, preferably with a link to the last time that character appeared.