First, let me apologize a bit, I’ve hit the end of my buffer; so there was no early update for this one and Minus Years is running late. The root cause of this is that I decided to redraw both this page and the next page of minus years, collapsing some pages. It’s been awhile since I did that, and this took a lot of rejuggling. This is something I run into occasionally where I know the broad strokes, but if am left to my own devices I tend to get very wrapped up into in the details and tangents; for me it’s more about the world and characters, and occasionally I have to remind myself that we do have a plot to get along with 😉

It hits the same beats as the previous version of the page, but a few things have been combined and reorders in the next few pages – basically trying to make more characters collide to get more things to happen, rather than having things happen in parallel. We’ll still have things in parallel, but it’ll be like… four or five parallels rather than my preferred eight to ten 😛

Still, it’s rewriting/redrawing things is something I’ve done a good job at resisting lately, so it was a bit of a relapse 😐


We’ll get back on a track, I think I have things ordered out now.

And yes, I totally stole “fluffy” from the comments 😛 Peter has always had several lines making fun of Kally’s dragon, but I decided to borrow that one from the comments as I figured it’d be funny 😀

While the comments are rarely going to influence the actual plot, it certainly can add bits of levity and change the point of focus a bit here and there ;). Characters that people like tend to show up more, things people want explained get worked in sometimes, etc. No, we cannot have Rovak be the main character 😐 I’d have to rename the comic BOOM HAHAHAHAHA; while tempting, I think that’s a comic for someone that can draw explosions in more loving detail than me… 😮