What a world this is, Kally has a ponytail and Naomi does not. While Kally used to frequently wear her hair in a ponytail she hasn’t much recently… Naomi probably will as soon as she can figure out how to do it with one hand, which I bet she can figure out if she doesn’t find someone to help her out.

Anyway, been running a bit behind on comic stuff as I ended up working and running around this weekend, between the two of them my comic drawing time was curtailed a little bit. I am trying to get out more content in general, but can only do what I can do sometimes. Let me know if you have ideas for sketches – sketches are usually the easiest thing for me to put out because they don’t take super long, but it’s been hard for me to think up ideas worth posting recently πŸ˜› … and if anyone needs an updated avatar or the like, just let me know. If you’ve asked and I’ve missed it, ask again!

Will catch back up with Minus Years though, least one will go up this weekend.