I promise Tyler’s last question will probably make a little more sense next page. Of course, promising probables is easy.

We’ve actually seen a handful of modified humans or cyborgs, some of them are obvious, some of them are… well, I don’t remember if I’ve talked about before or not, so I’ll just shut up.

Typically a modified human is someone that was remodeled so to speak; people like Lisa would not consider herself a modified human or an artificial human (…yes, I had to reach a bit to get an example that would absolutely not be a spoiler at all… you can look her up on the cast page :P). The common parlance in this case would be that modified = cyborg, artificial = android or cloned (…I will resist that rabbit hole for now).

Minor modifications are pretty common in some jobs, mostly stuff like pilots or military personnel in general. Most of people we’ve seen wearing the heavy googles have interface adjustments, as those are hard to use effectively without any.

A handful of people have pointed out the Mium/Ila’s skin tone should disqualify them from posing as Designer Children, but while they are paler than most, we’ve seen a pretty wide range – Saria being another example. Due to the influx of foreigners and the whole Designer Children thing, there are few things that truly stand out in Malsa (well… short of like Mir); if anything, Peter, Tyler and Kally tend to stand out more, but even then foreigners aren’t particularly rare.