Work has been endeavoring to consume my life like a feral beast. Fortunately we still have a buffer, but it is starting to take a hit. I had finally fixed their shit, and they came up with more shit. Hopefully this weekend will free, I have a couple of things I want to work on, and I’ve been meaning to transfer a bunch of information onto the wiki too. I’ll keep you guys updated on that if I get around to it. I am at least going to add a note of how to request an account on it.

We are back up to 30 patrons, which is pretty exciting. As always, appreciate the support! You guys are amazing, and always a source of inspiration for keeping mucking along with this 🙂

Sorry this is just a bit short and rambling. I am tired, which means my brain is unruly and keeps going off places and doing things that is not thinking about what to write here.