Well, unfortunately the wiki is now account-by-request only again. I kept it unlocked last week, but there was pretty much a direct correlation between duration it was unlocked and amount of spam bots botting spam (well, probably penny-per-hour flesh and blood spammers, sadly). With the actual site, about 90% of it gets caught in the automatic spam filters, but I think the spam filters for the wiki are just not as robust, and IP blocking really doesn’t do what it used to in the modern of VPN work around being trivial and automated, and ultimately, its not really worth my time or anyone else’s time to keep just banned the spam there.

The wiki will still be open to anyone that wants to edit, it will just work like site accounts (the avatars on comments) – just email or comment somewhere on this site, and I’ll make you an account on the wiki to edit with. I imagine that’s probably too much effort for most people, but, well, it’s what we got.

Still have a week of buffer, though fell behind a little this week, got stuck on some random crazy stuff, but thanks to buffers we are still up to date. I ended up sleeping very little last week due to scheduling things, which means even the free time I did end up having was spent being uselessly mentally catatonic as tends to happen when you don’t get even the minimal sleep I usually run on.