It is sort of weird updating from a buffer, particularly when I got as far as ahead as I was when I drew this one, because this is now a comic I draw like… weeks ago, so talking about it is weird and abstract. Speaking of buffers, next Monday we will have a double comic! I know, because I just finished drawing it… (that’s the new parlence for a not-half-comic, right? 😉 ). I don’t think we are going back to those full time, but it was a page that needed more page, so I was compelled to do that as a normal full page.

We still have a week of buffer currently, which is pretty given that my last two or so weeks were basically a pile of donkey shit and poor sleep. Hopefully things are a little more sorted out; next week I have to do basically everything at work because it seems like everyone else is on PTO, but it strikes me that if they are all on PTO, how much work do I actually need to do? We shall see.. I guess it depends on the intensity on which things catch on fire and start inevitably burning to ground.

That said, I’m being told that I have to take some PTO soon myself (as I don’t really take PTO unless I am traveling typically, as I don’t see the point given that its not like someone is going to do the work when I am not there, it just means I have to do more work later), so maybe I will have more time to draw comics after all (I am not holding my breath on this, they are squabbling about this at the executive staff level). I will be on actual vacation the last week of October (as in travelling out of the country). Hopefully we have enough buffer by then to not have interruption of schedule, but if we do, well, we’ll talk about it then. You know, when I took this job, I actually thought I would have more time for drawing comics than when I was self employed… ah… well, maybe someday I will go back to self-employed 🙂

Speaking of that… we got a new patron! Many thanks to our newest patron, and all the patrons, and all the readers, and, well, everyone reading this bizarre little life-comic blog I run here in the ramble box. I am going to go update the wiki some more. Been adding little bits and pieces to it.