I think some people might be confused why Naomi mentions Arkady here, as most of his appearances have been cut, but he is pretty good friend’s with Naomi – we see that he’s one of the people she recruits for shopping for Ila, and when she gets shot, she considers going to his place instead of Miko’s when the IDS doesn’t seem to be giving up on chasing her, and she thinks Miko might be annoyed if she leads a bunch of goons to Miko’s place.

It’s one of the problem of the size of the cast is that there’s always got to be some people that are rotated out of what we’ve seen before – Lisa and Arkady we’ve definitely seen less of than I expected, to the point where I’d guess half of you don’t even know who Lisa is… 😉

Anyway… still pretty busy unfortunately. This page was a bit of a struggle to get out on time, and is clearly still rushed, but I didn’t want to delay/miss it. Hmm, I’m not sure what the status will be there. There will be a comic on Monday almost certainly, but maybe cut Thursdays to get a buffer again, but I’m worried in the current climate of free-time-forecast, if I get a buffer I’ll just instantly squander it…

Oh… someone asked if Naomi and Mium’s hair was just always going to black. The answer is: [That would obviously be spoilers, pfff, did you think I would post spoilers??].

I know reading order might be a little confusing, but you can think of it like this – the half page comics are almost always basically always two stacked three panel comics (though, being me, I tend to break the panels a lot). I know it’s not really creative layouts, but a) I’ve always been sort of bad a page composition, and b) the goal is to make the half-pages faster. I actually reduced the panel count of this half page after the initial layout it… it was original 13 panels somehow, but I decided that was stupid, as that’s as many panels as many of my full page comics (more than most even).