So the current plan is half-rations for the week, when it comes to comics. Once again, I am not that convinced it saves me that much time, as I tend to just compact things a little bit, but it probably saves some time.

I anticipate work is not quite done its shit show yet, as they decided to refresh the broken environments over the weekend instead of let me finish fixing them, which will do absolutely nothing besides delay getting the fix deployed and tested. I am currently a little salty about it.

Looking at this page in retrospect, I assure you no copy-paste was used, though I can see that maybe I should have, haha. Part of the time trimmed clearly went into panel composition 😉

Though it may seem like the Consul has become the main character of the comic… she’s is still more of a character to her own story, and is just sort of passing through the lime light, though I expect that just like several other characters we have seen, it will be more of a zig-zag through the lime light showing up here and there. I think she’s showing up a lot currently because Tyler is currently not the most involved point of view in things, and that leaves a pretty large narrative gap for someone to fill, as he’s shown up almost as much as anyone.