I looked up “spiting” like… twelve times. I’m really sure it means “spite-ing” and not “spit-ing”. Well. About as sure as I get on grammar, which is to say “Google says that’s right”.

Yes, the IDS are sort of filthy cheaters. No, I don’t think they are signatories on internationally treaties that ban chemical weapons. Yes, they do use them a lot. One of the things I got asked a few times is what Kally actually did in the airball game against Naomi, as actually creating a compound in the air that would knock someone out would have rather drastic implications (as we’d be getting into molecular magic being casted in a literally flash). Indeed, Kally cheated more directly, and like here only used magic to disperse the compound. And no, I’m not going to try ย to give you a chemical compound. As chemistry goes I’m just smart enough to know that there is almost certainly someone in the comments that could tell me why whatever I came up with would certainly not work ๐Ÿ˜› . That said, we will see eventually more specifics on how it works and mechanics.

Combining magic with technology in clever ways is sort of the IDS’s thing. Needless to say, they totally stole the concept from Kor’s World, but hey, imitation and flattery, etc. ๐Ÿ˜ They frequently use fairly ‘simple’ magic backed by insanely fast calculationย speeds, pretty much purely geared for combat. Obviously mages like Kally are an exception (as she doesn’t use an autocaster), but where mages like her come from will be made eventually clear – she’s not unique being a natural mage from the IDS for certain, though they have less of them.

Typically people cannot ‘see it’ once it’s dispersed in the air. Mione is very good at seeing things, though she didn’t recognize what she was seeing the first time really.

Lastly, I will probably go to some sort of hell for thinking that I-Code is funny, but I can’t help it. Technically it means Immortality Code, a term that will make more sense in the future, but that it displays numbers like a code across the eye when it activates… yeah, I’ll just quit while I’m behind here ๐Ÿ˜ The reason that it’s somewhat acceptable is that it was mostly an accident – much like most of the effects, the effect of it activating was added to make it more comic-page accessible. Originally it was called a “Code”; though I waffled about calling it Immortality Code; when I realized that it could be shortened to I-Code after seeing how the drawn effect looked… yeah, totally couldn’t resist… ๐Ÿ˜ I have no regrets.

PS: du-vit is something I’ve used in place of a swear word for the IDS before.