Sorry for the late comic.

Been hard to find the time to catch back up, and got a little behind last weekend.

In the perfect world I plan for, I’d found a way to expound more on comic-world politics by this point, unfortunately, that hasn’t really happened. While Malsa and Arpon are among the current technological and economic focal points of the world, they are not the traditional world powers; Orin, however, is/was one. Their currently place in the world is somewhat more dubious as the long standing conflicts are currently mostly in the smoldering state, and the former big three do not have the economic power they used to with international corporations (many part of PACT) taking the primary economic spotlight of the new world.

Somehow I don’t think Rovak would enjoy being retrieved by Mir. I also doubt he views himself as a relic. Or, for that matter, a barbarian.

Though I suppose her stipulation of ‘not particularly valuable’ is some sort of grudging acknowledgement?