I’m going to be disappointed if Miko doesn’t have an invisible fairy now… 🙁

And no, I didn’t forget question marks in panel 4. I’ve done that a few times with her speech, frequently just leaving off the question mark. If you try to read her questions as not a question, it should make it sound like her… 😉

Most of the way through updating the character sheet portraits. I’ve redrawn a bunch of them, and added a few more, updated a few bios. Will continue to add new ones and redraw the last few that aren’t redrawn (the MSB people are the last ones). If there are requests for missing characters to be added, just post ’em below.

I bought a car. I’m happy with it, but it cost a bunch (in the sense that cars are just plain expensive, not that it was a particularly expensive one). It probably won’t fall into a pile of parts and bolts while driving. Was starting to worry about that with me old one. I think I’m an easy audience to impress for the new car after coming from a car older than me to a 2016 car; even things like ‘working air conditioner’ and ‘plays music from your phone’ impress me… 😉