Well, at least the Monday comic is on time. We’ll see about the Thursday one. I’m not currently optimistic about it being on time, but it’ll come one way or another.

I do apologize that I’ve been slipping up a bit on the schedule even on two a week, and even some emails/comment replies taking a bit. I don’t have any great excuses; I’m just busy. The new job is far more demanding than I’d hoped for, and it’s taken it’s toll on time and energy. There is a certain point in a day where I become not good for much of being productive, even if it’s doing things I want to do.

The reason I don’t take a break to build a buffer is that I’m not exceptionally good at working on things with nebulous deadlines (a fancy way of saying procrastination; but slightly more complicated. I tend to do the work, and then redo again and again for any dubious benefit. This is the primary reason I am no longer self-employed…); so the best I approach I can think of for now is muddle onwards.

All that aside, I do enjoy hearing from people in comments and emails and the like and will always continue to reply; if I miss you or you think I’ve forgotten about something you’ve asked for don’t feel bad at all about poking me again.

One again I would like to note that hands are the greatest enemy. If my next comic is about chibi’s or octopi or something, you’ll know why (but it won’t be…).