Once again it appears Mium attempts to solve his problem things by poking them. This time it seems fairly effective.


Should get some more of the cast page done this weekend, and hopefully at least some other sort of thing, hopefully a new patreon drawing this time since I did a vote incentive last weekend.

I apologize that the comic once again comes in a little late; see below whining for relevant weekly excuses.

//Whiningย (feel free to skip)…

I’ve been at a tech conference thing this week for work;it involves commuting into a city with lots of traffic, running around wearing a suit, and so forth. All in all not conductive to plentiful comic drawing time.

I’ve been trying to buy a car. I’ve had the same car for about 10 years now, and it was… not exactly a shiny new chariot when I got it, shall we say; it is the better part of a decade older then me, and continues to run only by sheer inertia; pretty much everything that is not the engine has long since fallen apart (and in more then a few cases, off).

The end result of this is that I have little idea how to buy cars and have found that I despise the process thoroughly. I look forward to the day I can buy a car off Amazon, car dealerships are rapidly joining entities such as the IRS in their positioning on the list titled ‘my favorite people to have to bicker with’.

//End whining.

I think Rovak and his friends need to redesign their approach. Somehow it always seems like his minions find trouble before he does. Blowing things up just doesn’t draw agro like it used to these days!

Yes, it occurs to me that by bizarre coincidence all three characters with some shade of teal hair have appeared on the same page. It is purely coincidence.