Peter’s had a long day. Which isn’t to imply talking to him at the start of his day will really have better results, just a point of fact.

I think that people that have paid a lot of attention to Mium over the course of the comic my suspect that he’s – while not being necessarily dishonest – not going out of his way to tell the full story whenever he’s asked about why he behaves the way he does. Hmmm, what should I say on that? …Probably nothing.

Peter also might know something about what he’s talking about when it comes to Mium, as there are few people that can guess what ticks through his mind as well as Peter… well, I suppose the inverse is also true. They probably understand each other better than most other people, which maybe says something about Peter, Mium, or both of them.

Still have buffer! But been busy. Really do plan on getting the vote incentive still, but… life keeps being busy with stuff. I dunno. Maybe it’s just not enough coffee.