Hmmm… mistakes were made. I have my first meeting of the day in a few hours. But at least there is comic, so… important things are done. Will have to work on stealth napping during meetings, I guess. Unfortunately I’m not very good at sleeping in meetings, as boring as they are, you’d think it’d be easy.

I thought I was going to finish a bit earlier, but the dialog on this one took a bit longer than expected. I think I sort of fell into the trap of thinking that I could fit more on a page than I could, because I didn’t want to cut anything that would make things too confusing, particularly as we don’t really know who Rick is in a greater context, so cutting down his dialog would make it harder to understand, and while Tokiwa’s dialog might be longer-winded-than-necessary, that’s sort of the point of it πŸ™‚

Tokiwa may have a harder job than even Elizabeth, I sort of feel sorry for her.

I realize that Rick looks quite similar to Kyle in panel 2, not quite sure why that happened, but I was pretty tired drawing this one, so I may have errored toward a more familiar character on the model (and Kyle in turn is drawn more similar to Arron intentionally). But Rick is not, for the record, a Kepler.

Anyway, I will stop rambling now and go to bed. I’ll try to fix any of the invitable spelling mishaps sometime after work tomorrow.