On time comics… in a manner of speaking. Despite being a little empty looking, the buffer did grow again – I have the next page sitting next me drawn (the full page) I just need to put the talky bits on, so that’ll go up tomorrow on patreon, and mean we’d be effectively at a 2 page buffer. I’m going to keep doing this for a bit (drawing a page, posting half a page) until the buffer is somewhere I’m fairly confident in (until the buffing under goes buffer-astrophy and vanishes again…)

I know that it’d be better to be back at 2 pages a week, and we are getting there, but let’s get at least a week or two of buffer first, or otherwise we’d go back to the day-roulette posting schedule that is in all ways terrible.

Speaking of the buffered comics, people that did see the early version may notice the wording changed a bit on some of the speech bubbles (beyond just the corrections that people give me ahead of time to help me cheat! πŸ˜€ )… while it may seem like I did that just to make sure that the there was new grammar for me to break, it’s just that the first version was written in a bit of a rush, and I saw some things I wanted to make… more betterish; things that were easier for me to “read in the character voice” when I read it to myself in my head, which is where I store all the voices of the characters – I’m not crazy! Some of the voices in my head, THOSE are crazy, but I’m perfectly sane! …

I am pleased to note that the time of troubles can mostly be considered… contained. Work will still be work, and is still a bummer, but everything else has been mostly sorted out. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a fountain of free time on every corner, as a lot of things have been neglected during the time of troubles, but overall… things are a bit better on the schedule. For the time being that’s going to be seen on the comic side of the fence by a growing buffer, and from there, we’ll see.

Appreciate ya’ll putting up with me πŸ˜€ … Also, maybe these commentaries will start being about the comic again if I have less #lifeblogging to bitch and ramble about…? Who knows, but we can dream, can’t we?