I had originally planned on doing a page or two more between Arkady and Kardus, but that was probably taking a little too much time on that little sidetrip. Skipping that isn’t really fair to Arkady and some people may wonder why the tank is back unburied by rubble, but that’s dots I think people can probably connect on their own. If spend page time on every character doing everything, we’d still be on like day 1.

Little bit behind on the buffer, but Monday’s page is done, and it’s a double page, so there’s that. It seems like I will have a couple days off the weekend after next, and maybe the weekend after that, so that’s currently earmarked for buffer expansion; till then we will just try and stay ahead of live.

The company I work for got bought out, but I don’t really expect that is going to change my life. My opinion of this will be entirely determined by how much they buy out my options for, because I am a mercenary like that.