Buffer isn’t quite to three, as the new page isn’t up yet, but it’s pretty close to 3 at this point. I know the process hasn’t been fast, but at least the posting times are regular, and generally (despite the fact that I am admittedly still copping out on backgrounds half the time) things are getting a little better as far as the art and layout (at least in my own little world where strange things bother me). We are going to keep the current pace for now. Work has stablized a little but, I can see the wolves circling with some spectacularly bad ideas ready to top the precarious tower I’ve built where everything works. We’ll see, but I have low expectations that they will manage to keep it together and not muck it up next week.

I cheated a bit with Peter’s little diatribe and decided to use only characters we have seen and been had named, thought I stuck to ones that would make sense of as much as possible. I didn’t want to drop a bunch of new names without much context. I prefer to add new names with some context.

I will tell you that I hand writing on the white board is both my actual handwriting. I had actually planned to get someone else to do Amy’s handwriting to make it clearly distinct, but the person I had in mind was busy and I never got a chance to get them to do it, and no one else I new had handwriting that passed muster as plausible as Amy’s, so it just ended up being PastUtopia imitating neat handwriting… which turns out to be beyond my skill, but I reckon its passable enough for the context… until the end where I clear just started phoning it in and slipping back into my normal handwriting anyway.