As some of you already guessed, Mium is still at the Enkari tower as he was dropping Eliana off from their previous adventure, while Ila split off to go seek Arkady help with the very important matters of scarves.

What is going on with Mium being Eliana’s “cousin” is one of those things that will probably be explained in due time. Enkari is the family name of Regin and Eliana.

Speaking of which… the wiki should be working again. It should also be open to freely edited again. We’ll see how long that lasts, but if you’ve been been chomping at the bit to edit it, here’s your chance before the spam bots get it. I’ll keep an eye on it – if it starts getting flooded with spam again, of course I’ll have to lock it back down. Hopefully they’ve gotten a life and moved on, but we’ll see.

The fix for it is… not great. I’m not going to mention what the fix was for security reasons, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem – I’ll be keeping an eye on it. If you see anything shady with it, just let me know.