So… not too much to say yet. We’ll learn more about what’s going on here in time.

I will say “palace” is not a typo of place. The palace beyond is one of the things the family calls this place, which isn’t a term that makes a ton of sense currently. I figured I’d mention it as putting an extra a in a word seems fairly on brand and would make more sense on the surface of it πŸ˜€

Elmon is generally not considered one of the stronger family mages because, as Elmon notes, this wouldn’t really work on most Family head’s… or at least Elmon doesn’t necessarily know which it would work on, and wouldn’t be inclined to try. There are quite a few limitations to the ability, but it does tie into a handful of the other things we’ve seen before – Tyler is either referring to Mione or Magnolia, though their abilities are somewhat different. Tyler knows both of them; Mione was one of the members of the MSB (I bring it up just because it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her).

I will also say that don’t necessarily take too much from the term spirit world… the Malsans call lots of things spirits, including ethereal constructs in some cases. This is the same place some of the Family mages can “store” ethereal constructs, like we recently saw with Eliana and Saldur.

I don’t think Amy would have really think about it, but that she is calling Peter instead of the Army or Bureau is sort of simply a result of working with him for a bit. While she is reluctant to work with him and thinks he’s a bit of a wanker, she has also worked with him a bit now, and it doesn’t take long working with Peter to develop the instinct that when someone inexplicably disappears into thin air front of you… he’s probably the person you want to call. She’s already started to get used to the idea that Peter deals with the inexplicable with same ease as the explicable.