So I should probably note a few things. Panel 6 is something of an artistic rendition of what Elmon sees, as it’s not an easy thing to render – there’s nothing actually there, Elmon just briefly sees past Mium’s shell (if you will). Mium’s presence in this world isn’t something that someone like Amy or Tyler can see, but for someone that can see somewhat more keenly, he’s an endless abyss interwoven connections stretching off into the void, an abyss of information linking to some greater entity. Elmon wouldn’t understand what he’s seeing, beyond realizing the Mium is very much not a normal human, and that scares him as what little he knows about things that aren’t humans is at odds with what he is seeing.

It’s also worth noting that it’s exceedingly likely Mium could prevent himself from being dragged into the “spirit world” if he wanted. Even if he doesn’t have know the specific technique to stop it which I’m not saying here if he does or not), it still requires the activation of magic, and Mium is quite good at stopping that at the short ranges involved in something like this. This also may explain some of Mium’s dialogue choices… he concluded early on where the conversation was leading, and decided that was a suitable course of action. He’s basically hitting the “skip dialogue” button as fast as possible from his point of view.

We’ll see more coming up on that.