After 3 weeks, I am finally in the general realm of “not sick”.

This is one of those pages where the art department and writing department had some disagreement.

Writing Department: Okay, so we it’s just a conversation page.

Art Department: Sounds good, those are easy-

Writing Department: Yeah, only three “people”.

Art Department: Umm… why are there quotation marks?

Writing Department: Well, one of the conversationalists is a dragon you see-

Art Department: Fucking hell.

Anyway; still on the half page schedule for now. Sort of regret that here as I feel this page worked a bit better as a full page, but I feel like breaking the restraint now won’t end well. Maybe we’ll turn up the pace soon; we will see how I can handle now that I’m not sick – I didn’t end up getting a lot done today, just been busy with random stuff.