Somehow still sick. This is going on the third week and getting a bit ridiculous.

We haven’t run out of buffer, but I realize that I haven’t quite finished the next page that’ll go up (it’s drawn, but needs to go through the photoshop steps of adding bubbles and frames and what not. I have the next page after that mostly drawn to, so despite the whole sick thing it’s not like we are getting behind, just that I didn’t quite do the order of operations correctly and lost track of time. It’ll be up on patreon tomorrow when I get a chance after work to finish it. I will be missing away from my tablet 2ish weeks in November, and 2ish weeks in Feburary, so my plan is that I will only go back to 2 per week once I know that I have the buffer for those (4-8 comics depending the rate). My thought (after the schedule slippage mayham we had for a bit) is that I want to be able to post consistently above all else.

Despite being sick things are going okay. House troubles and car troubles are full sorted out. The job has no mercy for things like sick leave though – they say “you can take as much as you need”, but as soon as I head for the door I can see them prep’ing the shit catapult and pointing it right at the fan, and as we are at an important point of a project, I haven’t dared let them out of my sight for a full 24 hours.