I’ve been posting comics involving this place for a few weeks now and I’ve just realized the “spirit world” looks significantly different in the exported version than mine version – various effects are lost in the exporting process, it seems. Odd; doesn’t really matter, beyond that it is intended to be somewhat more stylized than it has appeared thus far. I may try to resolve that in the future.

Mium normally does not elaborate his thought process in words, but in this case he’s largely using them to keep Tyler and Amy occupied while he considers, as humans can be rather flighty when left in silence in some strange distorted reality where they might die.

Allowing himself to be brought into the spirit world was larger risk than Mium would typically take without a more compelling incentive, but he has reasons that override his general caution on this sort of thing.

I will generally probably not post that it’ll be late until the end of Monday (unless I think I’ll miss the week all together) as comics posted later Monday are fairly common at this point.