It was, admittedly, a bit of a journey to get here.

On Friday my computer kicked the bucket, notably my boot drive (one of my harddrives). This is sort of the end of a long journey of it slowly dying, but suffice to say it was a problem. In the end I had to replace that harddrive, which isn’t a huge issue as I have an online back up of my data… still a big problem as reisntalling the OS means that I lost basically all my software, including my drawing program which resulted in a grand search to find the liscence keys and things to make it work.

Ultimately Photoshop is still a lost cause so far (I used an ancient version of it as I dislike the modern subscription nonsense), and while I got my main drawing program back, this is like 5 versions later and it’s different… If you notice oddities, that’s why; this is 100% done in Clip Studio Paint rather than my usual combination of CSP and Photoshop (usually I do all the text and borders and scaling and stuff in photoshop).

Anyway, I think we are track for next week.

You may notice the text and boxes aren’t perfect… that’s not easy to fix right now. They are correct on the pre-downscaled image, but somehow the downscaling of the drawing program seems to have two settings:

Setting 1: Text does decides to not align properly to the image.

Setting 2: Text is blurry and hard to read.

I decided that the text being slightly out of the boxes was far less annoying that it being jagged and blurry. I will continue the quest to see if I can get a version of photoshop I don’t have to pay a monthly ransom for.