Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving (or, you know, Thursday for non-Thanksgiving-lands).

Page! Slightly late, sorry. Thanksgiving plus slightly complicated page (compared to what I’ve been doing on the Surface). Sort of phoned in some of special effects I usually do in post processing but wasn’t unhappy with how anything turned out for the most part.

We see a little more about how compiled magic works, though we don’t see anyone use it here. Yes, Peter technically can use magic with an autocaster (most people can – at least with the ones buttons/triggers – those bracelets are a little more tricky). Peter’s phone is likely a general autocaster or linked to one; though a basic (and slow) general autocaster is little more than a series of specialized programs running on hardware that helps crunch the calculation required to use magic (but cannot self-activate, and does not supply the power required).

Compiled magic is another word in the setting for “modern” magic (though I’m not entirely sure it’s ever been said in setting now that I think about it), and is entirely what autocasters use (with the exception of the Boost engine I suppose I should clarify)… It’s magic processes and calculations that have been encoded to a set of rules. We’ll see more of it, but it’s also not the only application of magic – Naomi, for example.