If I was a pro of Friday comics I’d have managed to end this page on panel three. I have a long way to go… 😉

There are several reasons that Peter doesn’t want to involve someone from Criminal Investigations in the escalating tussle here; primarily because there is someone that he really doesn’t want to get involved – for likely more than one reason. But will they see it his way?

It seems cheating to have a spell that tracks your target. That’s just not fair imo. It does have some limitations though.

Backgrounds were a little hit or miss on this page, but to fair it had eight panels… We are still working on those happy mediums and all. I realize that I totally forgot to upload a new vote incentive, so I’m in vote incentive debt. Will upload one shortly (probably tomorrow morning) AND one over the weekend 😉

As for why someone from Arron’s department is part of Otte’s group; technically as she’s an enforcement agent she answers to IDS headquarters, and is thus subject to direct drafting for policing matters; if Arron even knows she’s here or not, well… I imagine that’ll come up at some point 😉

New incentive up! I think this completes one Halloween suggestion for each member of the main cast. If I didn’t do one of your suggestions, I’m sorry! I tried to prioritize it such: At least one from each person that suggested -> At least one for each character. If you missed on, they are all on Patreon (I think they are free tier for all to see).

As always, feel free to shoot me a suggestion for a vote incentive (field is once again open) or sketchbook bonus art, or recommend another comic for fanart; chances are pretty good that I’ll draw it currently 😉