When I write the “script” for pages, the dialog is typically placeholder. It will include things like <Peter is snide> and so forth. The details typically get painted in fairly late in the process. All this is to say that Naomi’s comment at that the end was the originally the placeholder text, but as occasionally happens I got too attached to it replace itΒ πŸ˜›

Also…. finally, my salvation from spelling and grammar arrives (Naomi)! Down with Peter and Tyler and their incessant expositioning! πŸ˜› … Least I hope I managed to spell Naomi’s dialog correctly, she does use a full 7 letter word there πŸ™

There have been struggles with the buffer as I got a little… distracted. I am not 100% sure we won’t miss an update over thanksgiving at this point when I’m travelling, but I’ll put a doodle or something from my surface if I do. We’ll play it by ear, folks, but I do wanna warn you as I really didn’t want to miss an update in this stretch… 😐