That’s about as on time as Thursday comic’s get recently, I mean, technically, by my time zone, it still IS Thursday… :p

Wrist is doing better, still busy, but at least had no trouble drawing this page. I got a stupid mouse for work (one of those weird vertical ones… annoying to use, but bothers my wrist a lot less to use all day). I reckon this will save my wrist for more important things. Like drawing webcomics.

It seems the interogation hasn’t been productive. To be fair, if you were Rovak, would you tell Don your plans?… Assuming that RovakΒ has plans, of course. You can never quite tell with him where on the sliding scale of sanity he is that day.

Anyway, be a short commentary as I need to be that thing that’s not-awake.

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This linking to old comics thing is painful. I don’t like being reminded that the art used to be even worse. Here’s to hoping next year these pages are as painful to look back on those ones are now.