I think some people are probably annoyed by my tendency to cut to characters they care about the least, particularly when there are so many characters to be keep tracking of right now, but I tend to think of what the most useful perspective of events are – in the sense of what perspective contains the right amount of information about the situation.

We will at least see character’s whose names we know next page 🙂

Given that he’s out of cell service range, it’s taken him a bit to figure out how to get the communications system to work. Arkady is watching over Ila (as she’s still ‘asleep’), and just isn’t that interested in how the ship is flying, Camilla is watching over Arkady (as she’s fussy like that), Ash is watching over Camilla (as she is supposed to still be in the hospital) and Elliana isn’t really prone to wandering around. I reckon the mage-commander here would leave Renna to watch over the rest, as he’s sort of suspicious they know more about what’s going on then they are telling him. Which I guess is true for half of them, to an extent.