So… there’s actually not much to update here. I sort of thought today would be the day I’d announce I was leaving my day-job, but that’s not going to happen, for the better or the worse. In the end they made me an offer it just made no sense to refuse, particular as it was still an open question if I’d be able to make ends meet on contracting + hobbies. I guess that means for now there’s not much change. I will continue the balancing act and we’ll circle back to this question another another time. There may be some compromises in the future here, but IĀ don’t think I am going to hire an artist right now. While drawing the comic is a time struggle and an hired artist would certainly be better than me, at this point I don’t think it makes sense – anyone that’s gotten here has gotten used to my art by now šŸ˜€

Maybe I will hire someone to redraw the first couple chapters. Probably not worth it economically, but could be interesting, as I know from a metrics point of view most new readers don’t make it through the early chapters, but of people that make it to the end, retention is pretty good.

There’s still a bit to go with this story. It won’t get to the end this year… maybe next year. Even if it does end though… I’ll probably just make a sequel. Anyway… I want to do more stuff like the comic and my other hobbies, but, well, my company made me a good offer to stay. If I sound somewhat conflicted, it’s because I am šŸ™‚ I was looking forward to spending more time here, and I will still try to achieve better work/work balance between the two, but yeah, no big changes.


The comic. Yup, that’s Martin, the person that ‘created’ MYM. Seems like he’s seen better days. I debated if I was actually going to show his face here. I suspect it will make some people draw some conclusions that are probably not correct. But it will also probably make some people draw conclusions that are correct, as people tend to be exceedingly clever. The real question will be if people figure out why I haven’t been showing his face… but hey, that’s not quite fair yet šŸ˜€