I’d like to think there is a timeline in which me skipping a comic last week meant that I was all caught up and everything was swimmingly on schedule. Unfortunately that is not quite that timeline we are living in. On the bright side, we do have a comic, so there’s that.

In theory I am taking a day off this week, so in theory I will get caught up insofar as having a Thursday comic and some other stuff then, but that day off is highly theoretical at this point, so we’ll see. It’s the thing where I say I’m going to take a the day off, everyone nods, and than promptly schedules meetings on that day anyway. As they say, never assume malice when you can just assume they are wankers.

The art on this page was very rushed, so I wouldn’t assume too much on anything based on background art or details here. Camilla’s brother is, for example, also there, I just forgot to draw him as he didn’t have line in this conversation. I had fully planned to draw him next to Arkady in the 4th panel, but I retrimed the panel to save time as he had no dialogue, but than realized only once I was finishing up he didn’t appear on the page, and thus there’d be no way of knowing he was on there at all – usually I try to show everyone in the scene at least once.