It’s a little rough, but it’s up!

Sometimes I wonder about Ila. She seems a little… weird.

Anyway… next update will probably be Friday for Wednesday’s page and than once on the weekend for Friday’s page. I don’t make any promises yet.

There are some sacrifices in quality, and I apologize. The background obviously has taken the hardest hit (though it was pretty bad before this), and the simple reason is I’m currently doing it with the mouse or my left hand – the reason for that is less time (though it partially is that) but I’m unable to make strokes longer than a few inches with my right hand, so the background is a bit of a unique challenge. Ultimately all I can do for now is apologize for it and hope it gets better and isn’t too distracting. Hey, if we remember where the comic started its not much worse than that πŸ˜€

Additionally, I really want to thank everyone that reads for their patience and understanding! Obviously it’s been a bit of a rough month but we are on the way back up now. The shoulder has been years in the screwing up, but post surgery I think things will get better for it in the long term for all this, but it’s a bit of a stretch to see that from here πŸ™‚

On the slightly too personal info front everything was covered by insurance, there is no long term debts or costs, just recovery. … Though on an unrelated note I did get a Jury summons letter. We’ll see on that front, I can’t imagine anyone in the right mind picking me for a Jury…