Well, I said Friday, and where I am, technically it’s still Friday. Sorry it’s a little later than I anticipated.

I will aim to get Friday’s comic up Sunday, and we’ll play Monday’s comic by ear from there. It’s possible I’ll get Friday’s comic up tomorrow – my schedule is pretty open so it’ll be up to the shoulder.

The people that like fighting scenes will be disappointed. I feel bad πŸ™ But maybe some people who like prototype mysteries will be happy. Maybe confirm some theories, maybe dash some theories. There will be more fights later! And no, I didn’t decide to goΒ this way because I have trouble drawing right now! πŸ˜€

I don’t think much sensible can be read from the all the background words. Maybe a few things. I’d post it out in legible form, but that’s be too spoilery! Poor Ila. Nothing about this situation went her way. It sucks being a superior being sometimes when the world refuses to conform to reasonable expectations πŸ™