The term “that’s not real magic” amuses me greatly.

No update (unless I edit this commentary) on the whole artist-having-surgery-thing as I haven’t had it as of when I’m writing this (though I will have by the time its posted). It’s like time travel.

Mini-Update: I’m alive but not yet in computer using condition. Mondays comic may be late but any missed updates will be made up. Sorry for absence; and thank you all for reading.

Update 2: Mondays comic will be late (hopefully tomorrow?). Still not able to use computers, but getting closer.

Update 3: Really sorry the update is so late. It will be up tomorrow. Line art is finished, just coloring to go. It takes a long time at the moment to draw and I need to take a lot of breaks but i am recovering and it should only get better from here. In the next few weeks this last month of dubious updates and lack of art progress will behind us and we’ll set sail to a brighter future once more! :p