We’ll get back to the other folks shortly. Originally I said I’d planned to have every page this chapter having half of it where we follow Peter and Kally, but it didn’t fit that well at all points, so some of them got cut, and some of them got grouped up. We’ll see another bit of Peter and Kally, before we return to Rovak, David, and the folks trying to shop.

I have noted elsewhere the dragon’s name isn’t “Fluffy”. Peter just uses that name to annoy Kally and/or the Dragon.

There have been times when other people can hear the Dragon when it’s more manifested, but it’s fairly mildly real at the moment (all red, only two shades, somewhat transparent), so generally speaking no one can hear it. Generally speaking, people aren’t entirely sure if Kally can hear, but she certainly seems to talk to it as if she can, even when no one else can hear it.

We’ve heard of this form of tech before, from when Ryn was trying to figure out what his made science department actually did (not sure he succeeded on that front).

I do think that I will unfortunately probably miss next week. Not 100%, I may find time to draw it early, or I may get around to the putting that Q&A I’m supposed to put up, but not sure yet, and don’t want to overpromise, so assume that the update will be missed, and if we get something that’ll be a step forward.