Naomi found her first snacking opportunity of the day after all I suppose.

Kally is notoriously bad a public transit, and still a little paranoid about taxis for some reasons… Flying Dragons about works better but tends to be on the somewhat conspicuous side. Kally refers to her co-workers here as “old coworkers” because the who she is primarily referring to is Peter and Emmi, nether of which could be considered her coworkers anymore for various reasons. I think there was a bonus comic from Minus Years a long time ago about Kally getting Peter to take her to a Malsan comic book store because she couldn’t figure out how to get there on her own… at least without the Dragon. Though it doesn’t show now, Kally’s Malsan was not always a good until she needed to learn it better for reading their books and comics. As we’ve seen with most IDS folks, even if they’ve almost all studied Malsan, particularly the monster hunters and central army folks generally aren’t very good at it. Peter would be very exasperated with her asking to translate strange words or idioms and designated the task to Query… I’d say some nuance was probably lost there, but I imagine Query would be better at that than Peter anyway, even if Peter was fairly fluent in Malsan by the time he met Kally.

Kally does still speak somewhat accented Malsan. It’s not something I try to render stylistic as I don’t render accents unless they are very pronounced. Originally I had planned to do more with word choice with non-native speakers typically speaking from a more limited word pool, but ultimately I found it not worth trying to render that for the more or less fluent people like. Weber speaks with more accented Malsan than Kally though. Peter tends to speak with a faint accent, but it’s largely affected as he looks like a foreigner.

…welp, that was my strange digression for the day. See you next week, buffer should be up soon. Been working on a lot of stuff, though most of it related to my other hobbies, but life has been more productive now that I’m done moving.