I’d actually planned to put more information about Peter here, but it just didn’t fit. Sorry about all the words! From the start this was supposed to be the point where the reader particularly learns who Peter is, but I think we’ve developed a bit of that already so it’s not the end of the world that we only get the outline of what he’s done here.

Trying to up the art quality in little bits and pieces. I’m drawing a lot more now; while that doesn’t mean any radical changes overnight, hopefully it will start to get better. The sketchbook picture will be updated fairly frequently in the coming weeks; so be sure to check it out occasionally; I should also have a new vote incentive up by the time this goes live!

I’m still working out what to do; I have rebuilt the buffer, and redrawn Page 2, check it out in its new glory* (*glory may not be included) – I will probably intermittently try to update the old pages in order. I’ve been holding off as I don’t think updating them my current level is that useful, but it’s more practice I guess.

Still looking at things to expand into; at the present time I don’t think I’ll run a second comic (either Print! like or another story). If start one than ended up having to take work on the side, I’d have to let it go, and I don’t want to do that.

As a remember, we still have a Patreon bonus till the end of the month – any new Patreon will result in a bonus page uploaded for the comic! 😀 (on the first day that would otherwise not have an update)