Just as a reminder, my failure will continue into this week, and there will be no update on Thursday. Next week we should be back to our regularly scheduled Monday/Thursday entertainment. If its any consolation, I basically just tacked two pages together anyway, as I am want to do when, which makes the time saving nature of this process a little theoretical at times.

The Consul has earrings roughly 50% time. Probably less. Those are the sort of thing that I really forget to draw almost all the time… Like people with neckleces like Rovak and Nathan I forget occasionally, particularly in Rovak’s case, but at least those are like consistently part of their outfit. Earrings and things are just extraneous. I mean, there are times where Peter has gone back and forth from having a collar on his shirt in their earlier days, so… these things happens.

We are pretty close to the end of Chapter 12, so I don’t think it’s going to end up the longest chapter. Will be close, but Chapter 6 was apparently just ridiculously long. Maybe if you account for increased page size Chapter 12 is longer. Going through the archive it seems like I’ve increased the page size at least twice. It would probably be basically impossible to ever print this comic, haha.